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At Balmoral Vets we pride ourselves in the high level of dental awareness that we practice. Too often good oral health is overlooked because the mouth is not checked and, because the animal is "eating fine", it is assumed that there is no problem. Maintaining our cats and dogs mouths in good condition not only allows them to have a happy, healthy life; it also allows them to interact with their owners without issues such as bad breath and dribbling!

The Hub 1

The Hub: The primary work area of Balmoral Vets, it has been laid out specifically to continue the clutter free ethos. Apart from some regularly used items, and those too bulky, everything is in drawers and cupboards, again allowing the area to be kept clean and odour free. Of particular note is the dedicated dental area – a state of the art dental machine with a wet work area that makes for easy cleaning. Routine dentals, ‘dirty’ surgeries and preparation work for sterile surgeries are all undertaken here.